The Russell Collection

The Russell Collection

The Russell Collection

The Russell Collection replaces their existing system with Sage 200 Evolution.


  • importer and distributor of pewter, silver plate and glassware

The Russell Collection is a family owned company that imports glassware from Europe and silver plate and pewter from South East Asia. They distribute the products online and through a team of agents located throughout Australia and the South Pacific.


Replacement of an existing slow, unstable and unexpandable financial system which was inhibiting business growth.


  • stability & expandability
  • speed
  • unlimited multi-user
  • inventory management
  • order management
  • customer relationship management

With customers in excess of 3,000 and product lines of 2,500, The Russell Collection needed a robust solution that could manage the daily demands of large orders and products lines. They also needed a solution that could assist with data storage, data analysis and stock management.

The business was finding its existing financial solution slow and unstable. Data integrity issues required daily re-indexing – slowing down processing.

Many of the staff needed to work on the system simultaneously which was slowing the system down and causing issues with data integrity. The old system lacked interface options for programs like dispatch with limitations for integrating additional modules as the business grew.


Sage 200 Evolution was implemented within the business, taking advantage of the robust database technologies of Microsoft SQL.
"My staff are happy, they can’t believe how easy it is to process orders and invoices. We don’t have any issues with data corruption and we can export detailed reports at any time from the system. I like that I can see how the business is traveling at a minute’s notice"
Lisa Barnett
General Manager

Sage 200 Evolution has the capacity to provide unlimited users simultaneously, instilled confidence for the business who required a number of staff to access the solution at the same time. Sage 200 Evolution can manage the business’ multiple product lines, individual client data and the large number of orders all from the one database.

Multi-currency module manages the Overseas imports.

With Sage Evolution Multi-currency, the business can process supplier transactions in their currency. It allows the business to track foreign currency, and supplier values in both the foreign and home currency so they can view balances and transactions in either currency at any time. Pastel Evolution Multi-currency maintains a history of exchange rates, and transactions can be processed at earlier date, using the most accurate exchange rate.

An automated ordering solution which facilitates over 3,000 accounts

Sage Pastel Evolution was customized to integrate to the existing freight system . The freight system manages the Consignment notes and dispatches for orders received via the eCommerce website, agents and gift fairs. Each step of the order process is interwoven within Sage Pastel Evolution, offering a fully automated, error free ordering solution for the business. As an order is received at a gift fair, it is scanned using a hand held scanner which automatically processes the order into Sage Pastel Evolution. The order is processed to an Invoice which then integrates with the existing Freight System where the goods are ready for dispatch. Stock levels are also managed on the fly in Sage Pastel Evolution.



We certainly haven’t been disappointed with Sage 200 Evolution, it has delivered on everything that has been promised and if we need it to do more, our trusted Business Partner, Systems Practice of 20 years will customize it to do so.


Sage 200 Evolution’s SQL database manages the multiple product lines, customer and agent addresses and the 3,000 plus customers with ease. Processing speed has increased substantially and is not affected with a number of simultaneous users. Detailed reports provide transparency of the stock levels so the business can begin to forecast stock orders and better manage stock levels in the future.