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  • adhesive tape specialists

Stylus Tapes International was established in 1981 and is 100% Australian owned & operated. Serving the local market and south pacific region, Stylus Tapes International import, convert and wholesale adhesive tapes in Australia.

Importing from America, Europe and Asia, Stylus Tapes International is a dynamic business with offices throughout Australia. Head office and principal warehouse is located at Smithfield in New South Wales.

Products range from packaging tapes, self adhesive envelopes, masking and paper tapes, strapping & filament tapes, stationery tapes, single and double sided foams to custom printed tape and labels.


Stylus Tapes International’s existing solution was struggling to cope with the additional users accessing the system concurrently. Extra staff had been employed to manage the increase in customer management. The business was faced with data integrity issues as well as time delays for processing and ordering.



  • multi-user
  • data integrity
  • inter-branch transfers
  • detailed reporting
  • complex pricing structure

This existing solution lacked features to facilitate new processes which were crucial to the growing business. Long standing Business Partner Systems Practice undertook a needs analysis and uncovered the core features the new solution would need to have. The new solution would need to manage multiple concurrent users, inter-branch transfers, detailed reporting and facilitate a complex customer pricing structure.


Summary of solution

"We can go back into Import Costing and adjust the currency and re-run the purchase order. Previously if an error was made and realised after the Purchase Order was processed, it could take weeks to fix. This is particularly important when you are training new staff who can make errors when they are learning."
Dave Henry
Operations Manager
A holistic approach to stock management

Stylus Tapes has offices/warehouses in each state where orders are received daily by email and telephone. Each branch now processes and dispatches their orders locally.  If there is insufficient stock to fill an order or a custom order is received, then the system will automatically transfer the order through to Head Office for processing and dispatch.

Sage Pastel Evolution was rolled out nationally, with each branch accessing themain system at Head Office. Head Office manages inventory transfers weekly, replenishing the stock for each branch.

Flexibility to re-run purchase orders saves Stylus Tapes hours

Stylus Tapes enjoy the flexibility that Sage Pastel Evolution offers. With exchange rates regularly changing, it was important that the new solution include the flexibility to amend a purchase order once processed.

MS-SQL manages a complex pricing structure

Sage Pastel Evolution’s robust MS-SQL database allows the business to manage the complex pricing structure and high-volume processing demands of the business.

With over 1500 customers each with their own pricing variation, it was imperative they find a solution that could facilitate the elaborate pricing matrix




Stylus Tapes has the ability to extract detailed reports that provide up-to-the minute information for stock management, re-ordering and detailed sales analysis.

The business now has the tools to react quickly to changes in sales and inventory management and forecast future productivity.

The new processes implemented support management to make informed decisions for the business and its future, laying a stable foundation for continued growth.