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Olsson Pacific Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated company which manufactures salt through solar evaporation in Australia. The manufactured salt is used throughout three separate businesses under the Olsson Pacific Pty Ltd umbrella.


Olsson’s Nutritional products manufacture supplements for animals such as Salt Blocks and Molasses. These products are a multi- vitamin for cattle and play a very important part in the health of Australian cattle particularly through times of drought. Pacific Salts business manufacture table salt and other salt products for human consumption and for use in commercial pool filtration systems. OP Therapies, a small business under the Olsson Pacific umbrella, manufacture therapeutic salt products for the body mind and soul. The business consists of three manufacturing plants, five offices with three attached factories. Three distribution offices positioned throughout Australia, twenty storage facilities also throughout Australia with a further 500 national consignment holders.


Disparate systems with limited functionality were causing time delays and data integrity issues for the business. The five branches used a separate accounting system which was not integrated with head office. The end-of- month process involved the laborious task of copying and pasting data into spreadsheets from each of the accounting packages. Management was faced with data integrity issues due to the double handling and re-entering of information. Managing stock control at the various consignment locations was time consuming. The situation was critical and Olsson Industries needed a new financial solution fast.


  • integrated system
  • timely reporting
  • data integrity
  • inventory control

Olsson Pacific Pty Ltd required a robust, integrated system with up-to-date features.  They need excellent multi-location stock control and flexible, useful reporting.


Sage 200 Evolution software was chosen and implemented which now runs on Terminal Services in the Brisbane office. A Multi-Warehousing module was implemented to manage the many consignment locations. The solution was rolled out to each of the five office locations with minimal downtime and minimal disruption to the staff and customers.

"It was important to get a solution that could manage both the manufacturing side and the sales side of the business, but still have the ability to work between the two. My staff are much happier and enjoy working in the system, they find Sage Pastel Evolution easy-to-use and I can see that we have achieved a work life balance for them, which was very important to us."
Murray Olsson

The three businesses were coded separately allowing Olsson’s to manage each individually from the one database. Separating sales from the manufacturing business was a high priority.

The smart use of User defined fields provides quick and easy reporting.

Olsson Industries now has the ability to manage the businesses strategically, with the benefits of customised reporting and live data analysis. The Sales Order process has been streamlined and provides an option for the user to select a sales order for one of the three businesses. Once selected, the Sales Order will be populated with the business brand and the user will only see stock and customer details specific to the business chosen.

Multi-warehousing helps Olsson Industries keep track of their consignment stock in over 500 locations.


Sage Pastel Evolution meets the needs of Olsson Industries with the capability to manage several businesses separately within the one solution.

The business now has the ability to keep track of stock at multiple consignment locations and report on inventory. Previously staff would create these reports manually by sending and receiving faxes – now the process is managed through automatic email’s saving staff time and the business money.