Medical Sales & Service

Sage 200 Evolution provides powerful sales reporting for Medical Sales & Service.

Medical Sales & Service

Medical Sales & Service


  • medical equipment service and sales

Medical Sales and Service has grown considerably since opening their doors in 1975. The business was established to fulfil a need in the Western Australian health care market for the servicing of medical equipment in the areas of anaesthetics, resuscitation, respiratory/oxygen therapy and infant care.

As the business continued to grow, they expanded their services to include the sale of medical products which complemented the equipment servicing business.



Medical Sales & Services needed to find a business management solution with detailed segmented reporting of sales and profitability.



  • data segmentation
  • detailed sales reporting
  • customer relationship management
  • divisional reporting

Rod Dowding, Sales Manager for Medical Sales and Service, manages a team of sales representatives who are on the road visiting clients regularly.

Previously, Rod spent countless hours manually segmenting sales figures to record the sales activity for each team member and each product and service. Only upon completing the data segmentation was Rod able to have a true understanding of the profitability of each division to then calculate sales team bonuses based on their individual performances.


Medical Sales and Service chose Sage 200 Evolution software for divisional reporting, sales force automation and customer relationship management.

"It’s important to keep your staff motivated and have the ability to address a drop in sales. Sage 200 Evolution provides me with the tools to see this at anytime from anywhere. We were very happy with Progressive Business Technologies and their on-site assistance during the implementation and transition to Sage 200 Evolution"
Rod Dowding
Sales Manager
Sage 200 Evolution’s General Ledger was introduced for divisional reporting

Medical Sales and Services has the ability to capture individual sales figures for two divisions within the one client. ‘We have a hospital which uses our Service Division as well as purchases from our Consumable Division, so it’s important that we keep the two businesses separate but keep them connected to manage and report on the one business’.

Simple CRM & sales force automation are tightly interwoven into Sage 200 Evolution

Sales staff have the ability to enter a lead into the system against a prospect. You can create quotations and simply convert the prospect to a customer and at the same time, the quote to an invoice without having to re-key any of the information. ‘My sales team are quite happy to work on the system now, they find it quick and easy to write an order, especially since the lead is in there already’.

Sage 200 Evolution allows you to capture communication with the customer in one area. The information helps sales staff stay informed and manage business relationships effectively and efficiently.

Customisable reporting is simple in Sage 200 Evolution

Progressive Business Technologies made further customisations to the data grid views to allow Medical Sales & Service to view data in the way they want to see it. By customising the grid view, they have the ability to produce reports quickly and simply.




Rod has the ability to track the sales team’s progress on the fly. With deeper insight, Rod can address the changes immediately. Reports can be viewed anytime with graphs of the current sales for each team member making it easy to identify any problems and act on these straight away before them leading to unsatisfied customers or staff members.

The sales team have the ability to manage the progression of leads, orders and invoices out on the road. The process facilitates sales momentum which empowers and motivates the team.