Why Usage Business Solutions?

Usage Business Solutions provides business management software for medium to large businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

When do you need Usage Business Solutions?

  • When your business starts to grow
  • When your existing software is SO outdated
  • When the different parts of your system WON'T TALK to each other
  • When you are spending more time on your system than on your business
  • When you need MUCH BETTER inventory control
  • When you add another warehouse or branch
  • When you need a report - NOW - that does not require the manipulation of six spreadsheets

We understand.
We can help.

Usage Business Solutions offers a no-obligation software review for your business

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Usage Business Solutions is the authorised provider  of Sage Business Management Software in Australia and New Zealand.  We sell exclusively through our Business Partner Channel.


Jeff Lewis, Managing Director of Usage Business Solutions, has worked with Sage software solutions for over 20 years.

For nine years, Jeff was International Director for Sage PLC based out of Johannesburg. He was responsible for getting Sage software products into approximately 50 countries.

Jeff has lived and worked across 11 countries with background in sales, distribution and business development for the likes of BAX Global (Freight & Logistics), Agip Oil (EMI), Sun Microsystems and Sage.

Excellent Service

We provide consulting, technical support and software training.

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis
Managing Director
Usage Business Solutions

Originally from Ohio, USA, Jeff is the author of three books including his latest release, a novel, and loves sports, especially American Football and Baseball. Jeff remains a die-hard Cleveland fan of the Browns and the Indians.

Usage Business Solutions offers a no-obligation software review for your business


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Request a Software Review

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